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Sometimes it takes a cowboy to put them social entrepreneurs in their place.

Thanks to the social entrepreneurs at Good Company Ventures for an awesome summer. My title was entrepreneur-in-residence but I’m convinced that I learned way more from them than they did from me.

If this list sounds familiar, you belong in next year’s class.

The Top 10 Reasons “You Might Be a Social Entrepreneur if…”

#10: Your bottom lines have bottom lines
#9: VCs think you’re a hippie and non-profits think you’re a capitalist
#8: Your products are more sustainable than your cash flow
#7: Your pitch made a grown man cry
#6: You invited Al Gore to join your advisory board
#5: You’d sleep at Whole Foods if it was closer to the office
#4: You have more interns than customers
#3: You are going to impact a billion people…even if it takes you a year
#2: You have more ex-developers than ex-girlfriends
#1: Your friends wonder when you’re going to get a real job. Your parents flat out ask you

  • http://twitter.com/chapambrose chapambrose

    Well done.

  • Tal

    Very well done.

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Thanks Tal and Chap :)

  • http://twitter.com/GarrettMelby Garrett Melby

    Highlight of my day.

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    I had a blast Garrett, awesome job with the event.

  • Alex M.

    haha blake…nice