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Next week, I’m moving from Philadelphia to the world’s second greatest city, and also a place where I hear the apples are pretty good.

Yes, New York City. It’s not because of a new startup or a job or anything like that. I’m moving for a more personal reason: because my muse is there. Literally, she lives in New York. And in the more literary sense, my muse is there too. My imagination lights up in New York. I’m drawn to create there.

I’m not surprised to feel this way. I’ve been in Philly for five years now. It’s been an amazing run, and I’ve felt as inspired as I could have felt anywhere. I’ve never called a place home before. Now this place will always be home.

Five years later, I’m comfortable here, and it’s time to be uncomfortable again. I’ve done most of what I hoped to do and met most of the people I wanted to meet. I’ve watched Philly grow into a world class city and played a small part in making that happen. I’ve grown personally alongside the city.

Now the city and I will grow separately for a while. For me in the near term, it’s more of the same good things. I’m still dividing my time between MyDunkTank, consulting work, the communities I’m involved with in Philly and a few experimental projects. From there, who knows. Whatever it is, I’ll try to make it awesome.

For Philadelphia, I expect more of the same good things too. Our communities are strong, and we have everything we need here. It’s only a question of what we create with it.

So here’s to an incredible five years in Philly. I’ll continue to help in any way I can, and my ridiculously small door in New York will always be open for a friendly face. Keep sending me news of your successes. And keep your couches clean, because I’ll come back plenty.

  • Colin Bartlett

    Good luck, Blake!! I hope to join you and the other 8 Million people up there if I can ever sell this house.

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Thanks so much Colin. Didn't know you were thinking about a move.

  • http://jakestein.myopenid.com/ Jake Stein

    We'll miss you buddy

  • http://codyaray.com Cody A. Ray

    A good muse is hard to find, but undoubtedly can transform a new and uncomfortable city into a home rather quickly.

  • Baron

    You will be missed. Nutter will be pissed.


  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    <3 :)

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Amen my man

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Thanks Baron :)

  • http://twitter.com/BluePojo Josiah Kiehl

    Good luck, dude. That's a better reason than most to relocate. :)

  • Michael Cullina

    Best of luck in New York, Blake.

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Thanks man :)

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Appreciate it Michael!

  • http://sheenatabraham.wordpress.com/ Sheena T Abraham

    All the best in NYC!

  • Dgood

    Congrats to you and the move. Thanks for helping to ignite Philly!

  • Oliver Picher

    Wow. Cliff Lee comes here, and you go to New York. I think New York gets the better deal. You will be missed, but best of luck in NYC.

  • http://twitter.com/ataussig Alex Taussig

    I get to NYC quite a bit. Let me know when you finish the move and we can grab coffee sometime. Good luck!

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Thanks Sheena!

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    It's only the beginning!

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Haha, thanks so much Oliver. :)

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Would love to Alex. I should be moved this week and settled in by the new year.

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  • Bill Green

    Philadelphia to New York: Drop Dead http://on.wsj.com/eOHxfh

  • http://www.blakejennelle.com Blake Jennelle

    Haha – New York should know that I'm Philly wolf in sheep's clothing :)

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