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Sometimes it takes a cowboy to put them social entrepreneurs in their place.

Thanks to the social entrepreneurs at Good Company Ventures for an awesome summer. My title was entrepreneur-in-residence but I’m convinced that I learned way more from them than they did from me.

If this list sounds familiar, you belong in next year’s class.

The Top 10 Reasons “You Might Be a Social Entrepreneur if…”

#10: Your bottom lines have bottom lines
#9: VCs think you’re a hippie and non-profits think you’re a capitalist
#8: Your products are more sustainable than your cash flow
#7: Your pitch made a grown man cry
#6: You invited Al Gore to join your advisory board
#5: You’d sleep at Whole Foods if it was closer to the office
#4: You have more interns than customers
#3: You are going to impact a billion people…even if it takes you a year
#2: You have more ex-developers than ex-girlfriends
#1: Your friends wonder when you’re going to get a real job. Your parents flat out ask you

Some of you may have noticed a cowboy riding around Philadelphia. He may have even said “howdy” to you.

Well that cowboy is me, thanks to a crazy fundraising dare we ran on my new online fundraising startup, MyDunkTank. This dare raised $2,095 for an amazing non-profit called Startup Corps.

I’ll be sharing all my cowboy adventures on the MyDunkTank Cowboy Blog so be sure to follow me there.

And don’t miss this funny video of my transformation produced by my friends at Revzilla: