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Next week, I’m moving from Philadelphia to the world’s second greatest city, and also a place where I hear the apples are pretty good.

Yes, New York City. It’s not because of a new startup or a job or anything like that. I’m moving for a more personal reason: because my muse is there. Literally, she lives in New York. And in the more literary sense, my muse is there too. My imagination lights up in New York. I’m drawn to create there.

I’m not surprised to feel this way. I’ve been in Philly for five years now. It’s been an amazing run, and I’ve felt as inspired as I could have felt anywhere. I’ve never called a place home before. Now this place will always be home.

Five years later, I’m comfortable here, and it’s time to be uncomfortable again. Read more…

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UPDATE (1/25/2010 @ 4:30pm): Rumor has it that Philadelphia is now going to be included in the Fast Company list of top startup cities! Here’s what Brad Feld writes below in the comments:

“I predict you will see Philly in the Fast Company series. I’ve already made intos for them there for an interview. They’ve expanded the list of cities beyond the original five (Boulder, NY, Seattle, Boston, and Austin). Philly is in the next batch.”

This is an amazing conclusion: You spoke and, with Brad’s help, Fast Company listened!

Most entrepreneurs have no idea about the magical things happening in Philadelphia.

Fast Company is doing a five-part series on great startup cities outside of Silicon Valley. It’s likely that Philadelphia is not one of them.

They have already featured New York City and Boulder, and Fred Wilson says Seattle is also on the list. That leaves two more, and I haven’t heard about them interviewing anyone from Philly.

Let’s change that.

If you were interviewed by Fast Company, how would you answer the question, “Why should you start a company in Philly?” Read more…