Writings by a younger, less handsome man who shares my name

Most of the time, it’s noisy inside my head.

Noisy with things I need to do and things I don’t want to forget. With emails I wish I had worded differently. With new ideas I want to follow to maturity. With interruptions I invite by leaving email and Facebook open. With phone and text message interruptions I don’t invite at all.

My guess is that it’s noisy inside your head too. Especially if you’re successful. A lot of people depend on you, and you probably have the bloated inbox to prove it.

The problem with all this noise is that it makes it hard to hear anything.

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We are obsessed with seeing our world in the highest resolution possible.

We want our television in high definition and our movies in Blu-ray. We want our news from all corners of the world at all hours of the day. We want to measure every detail and every dollar in our businesses. We want to know each other’s every thought on Twitter and Facebook. We want our emails, photos and digital souvenirs at our fingertips so we can recreate any moment from our past.
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We want all this detail right now. On our computers, on our phones, at the gym, in the bathroom, next to our beds when we wake up in the morning. No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, we need our detail stream and we need it now.

Details soothe us. They make us feel connected to our world and in control of our lives. They make us feel safe from illusion and deception and surprise.

It’s soothing to believe that if only we had more details, we could begin to see the whole picture. And if we could see the whole picture, then there’s nothing that could surprise us, nothing we wouldn’t know and maybe even nothing that could hurt us.

But what if the whole picture isn’t the sum of the details? In fact, what if the whole picture has nothing at all to do with the details? Read more…